The Shop has been established in Nottingham since 1888. It was a family Business in the Smalleys Family for many years. The Current owner a Mr Brandon Harris purchased the Business 20 years ago from the previous Owner who wanted to retire. The Shop for many years was called Smalleys of Chapel Bar.

I took over the Shop in the Chapel Bar location. Shortly after taking over the Business I was told that the Shop in its current location was down for demolition and redevelopment. I was forced to look for another location close to the existing site that was not expensive on Rent etc. I found the Derby Road shop and moved in straight away and continued trading. At that Time I had 2 other Menswear Shops running and 8 Staff in total. 


After a few Years trading the other Shops that I had started to lose Money so I was forced to close the other Shops down reluctantly. I now run the Shop entirely by myself and have no employees. It is challenging at times but I love it and have a passion for Clothes and Accessories. The Shop is a Niche Business specialising in Items that larger Stores do no longer sell.  

Iam only to happy to put myself out to obtain that specific Item that a Customer cannot get elsewhere. Over the Years I have built up a regular Customer base and the Business is going well.I did my retail training at Harrods in Knightsbridge after leaving school where I worked for 6 Years, where Customer service is paramount. The Business is very personal to me and I strive to achieve high customer satisfaction. A lot of Customers who come in my Shop say its a Wonderful aladins Cave of Goods its like going back in time to a bygone era where Customers had personal Service. With my Old Fixtures and fittings giving the Shop a quirky Character all of its own just like the Owner.